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March 15 2017


On the internet Multi-player Computer games

Rexuiz FPS

Meet the updated Action online game Rexiuz. If you like to shoot at enemies from a variety of weapons, if you don't think yourself without a team, which is always teeming with bullets to cover up the battlefield; if you like to be a hero and accomplish feats every minute, this free first person shooter is for you.

It should be noted that Rexiuz is modernization of beloved all online shooter nexuiz classic. Its history began about ten years ago - the developers of AlienTrap published a simple, but very exciting free online 3d shooter that immediately attracts the attention of the interesting graphics and the possibility of a free game. At the moment, all the big momentum is gaining a new project that we want to present to you.

What awaits you in free fps game Rexiuz? Just fun, constant action and a lot of new surprises. For example, the game integrates a new engine - now playing becomes much more interesting, thanks to the excellent graphics and excellent optimization for all kinds of operating systems (and the game runs on Windows, and on Mac, and Linux). Another gift for gamers is the possibility to play almost any Android device. The graphics are so versatile that you can use your account, not only for playing on the computer, but even on the phone!

Gaming process has a few additions - if the original version has the minimum number of locations and characters skins and weapons of all nine species, but today you can take advantage of new modes, most modern guns and military devices.

Multiple effects add realism of the online multiplayer fps, allowing you to truly enjoy the process of confrontation between the two opposing teams.

In Rexiuz you can play as one, and with loyal friends - with partners in this free online shooter game you can achieve amazing results and win absolutely everyone.

Today and always check for all players for free. You can immediately proceed with the destruction of the enemy. For convenience the new gamer will meet a short training, as well as a basic set of equipment and weapons. During the game you can develop, acquire new guns, as well as raise the level of their skills.

Join the growing community of fans of online game in the first person Rexiuz, and you will not regret it. Diversify your leisure excellent, developing reactions, logical and tactical thinking, and passion. We are always happy and waiting for you at http://rexuiz.com/

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